Can your company afford to have a serious accident involving the safety of an employee?

A WSIB claim for a serious injury can affect the profitably of your company for years.

Are you in compliance with Federal and Provincial Health and Safety Legislation?

Train your employees and invest in your Company’s Future!

in case of injury at work

our overhead is low, making your savings high

At Progressive Workplace Safety, we take your health and safety program development seriously. We believe that all workplace accidents are preventable with proper health and safety education, training, culture and compliance to the Ontario Health and Safety Act.

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Progressive Workplace Safety is located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and specializes in occupational health and safety management. Our management team is a group of highly skilled health and safety professionals with years of experience in maintenance and health and safety program development and training.

We offer professional health and safety management assistance to all sectors of industry, construction, agriculture and specialize in the Ontario wine industry. Have your existing heath and safety program evaluated to ensure compliance with federal and provincial health and safety legislation. We have extensive knowledge and experience in workplace inspections, risk assessments, program development, and technical writing for policies, procedures and safety plans.

Whether you need a full time health and safety coordinator or a part-time health and safety advisor, we can help. We also offer assistance with your joint health and safety committee. Our clients receive an affordable and progressive approach to health and safety management and occupational health and safety compliance.